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Aileen Reid, a 30-year-old Irish Olympic triathlete who ranks seventh in the world for women’s triathlon

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Becoming a Members of the NWTC.

We are always welcoming new members and cater for all abilities, from first timers to experienced competitors.

The emphasis of our club is on mutual encouragement and support, whether you are contemplating giving Triathlon a go or are an experienced competitor who would like to join up with some like-minded souls for training and social purposes.

The Northwest Triathlon Club is a great place for triathletes to meet other triathletes, find training partners and join in social gatherings. We have multiple weekly workouts to choose from and we host a number of races throughout the year.

We encourage new people to try out one or two sessions/workouts before joining the club. Please feel free to contact us at info@northwesttriclub.com , speak to any member , download an application form here, or fill out this enquiry form and we will contact you with further details as soon as possible.

The annual joining fee is €30 or £25. For insurance purposes, you must also be a member of Triathlon Ireland to join our club. The club membership fee can be paid on the Triathlon Ireland website. When you sign up to Triathlon Ireland https://www.triathlonireland-newserver.com/become-a-member.html you select NWTC or Northwest in the "Pay Club Membership" drop-down on the first details page and the club membership will be added to your total. Note that the password on the TI site is a little tricky to get right so make sure you follow their instructions.

There are 4 different types of Triathlon Ireland membership ......


This membership is for people who train with a club and intend to race several times during the triathlon season. You are insured for club training, and to participate in all Triathlon Ireland events, without paying a one-day-license. The cost of Full Membership is 50 Euro + 3 euro for processing & transaction fees.


This membership is for people who are involved with a club and may take part in some training sessions, but do not intend to race (or only participate in a couple of races). Although you are insured to train with a club, you will have to pay a one-day license fee each time you race. The cost is 15 Euro + 3 euro for processing & transaction fees.


You have the same benefits as a full member, but you pay a reduced fee. This is only available to full time students. Proof of student status will be required. The cost is 15 Euro + 3 euro for processing & transaction fees.


This membership is only available to people who are 19 years old or younger on the 31 December of the year of application. Proof of age will be required (e.g. birth certificate, passport etc.). You are insured to train with a club (as long as the appropriate guidelines are followed). You are insured to participate in Triathlon Ireland children's events. The cost is 1 Euro.

So whats keeping you ? join today :-)